Rate Limits

To ensure fair usage and maintain system performance, the following rate limits apply to all API endpoints:

Default Rate Limits

  • Max API Requests: 20 requests per second (All APIs)

Specific Rate Limits

EndpointRate LimitDescription
POST /contacts/:id/bulk_create/5 request/hour & 100 requests/dayCreate contacts from CSV
POST /:endpoint/export/5 request/hour & 100 requests/dayAll export creation
GET /analytics1 request/sAnalytics API
GET /:endpoint2 requests/s & 10800 requests/dayAll retrieve APIs
POST /:endpoint1 requests/s & 7200 requests/dayAll create APIs
GET /:endpoint?search=1 request/sSearch APIs
POST /phonebooks/:id/upsert_contact/3600 requests/dayUpsert Contact in Phonebook

These rate limits are designed to optimize the performance of our services and ensure equitable access for all users. If you have any questions or need higher limits, please contact our support/sales team.