Create new web hook. See below for possible values for event and when they are fired

vb.transferOccurs when the transfer digit is pressed in a voice broadcast campaign
sb.replyOccurs when a text reply is received in your CallHub account
cc.notesOccurs when a note is added by a call center agent
agent.activationOccurs when agent activates their account by clicking on the activation link

The following keys will be received as data when the vb.transfer event occurs.

audio_urlStringURL to the Audio Message received, if it exists
transcript_contentStringTranscript of the Audio Message received, if transcript is enabled
from_numberStringPhone number from which the transfer digit was pressed
transcript_urlStringURL to the transcript of the Audio Message received, if transcript is enabled
campaignStringName of the Voice Broadcast Campaign that generated this event

The following keys will be received as data when the sb.reply event occurs.

contentStringContent of the message received
from_nameStringName of the person sending the text message
from_numberStringPhone number of the person sending the text message
campaignStringName of the text campaign that this reply is received for

The following keys will be received as data when the cc.notes event occurs.

cityStringCity of the person
first_nameStringPerson's first name
last_nameStringPerson's last name
campaignStringCall center campaign name
mobileStringMobile number of the Person
countryStringPerson's country
notesStringNotes saved by the agent
zipcodeStringPerson's zipcode
record_urlStringRecording of the conversation between agent and person
company_websiteStringWebsite of person's company
stateStringState to which person belongs
contactStringContact Number of the person
nationbuilder_tagsStringNation Builder Tags associated with the person
nationbuilder_idIntegerNation Builder Id of the contact
company_nameStringName of the company where person works
emailStringEmail address of the contact
addressStringAddress where person stays
job_titleStringPerson's job title
dispositionStringDisposition selected for this call
surveysArrayKey value pairs of survey questions and responses
agent.idIntegerId of the agent who saved notes
agent.usernameStringusername of the agent who saved notes
agent.emailStringemail address of the agent for whom the notes were added
agent.nationbuilder_idIntegerNation Builder Id of the agent

The following keys will be received as data when the agent.activation event occurs.

idIntegerId of the agent that got activated
usernameStringusername of the activated agent
emailStringEmail address of the agent
activated_atStringDate time in UTC when agent got activated

Example Event Hook Responses

 "hook": {}, 
 "data": {
          "audio_url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/recordings/1c112f10-d15a-1964-b894-842bFE5655.mp3", 
          "transcript_content": "Hey, Thanks for the call. See you on Friday", 
          "from_number": "15104024173", 
          "transcript_url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/recordings/1c112f10-d15a-1964-b894-842bFE5655.txt", 
          "campaign": "Voice Broadcast, Apr 03, 06:42"
  "hook": {}, 
  "data": {
           "content": "Yes, I will be there!", 
           "from_name": "John Doe", 
           "from_number": "16502293681", 
           "campaign": "Friday Party Invite"
    "city": "Santa Clara",
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Doe",
    "campaign": "Fishy Campaign",
    "mobile": "16507868629",
    "country": "HU",
    "notes": "This person loves fish!",
    "zipcode": "50103",
    "record_url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/recordings/081eecf6-dsfdsgdfg4e051700.mp3",
    "company_website": "https://callhub.io/",
    "state": "CA",
    "contact": "16507868628",
    "nationbuilder_tags": [
      "survey responded",
      "fish owner"
    "company_name": "CallHub",
    "address": "Genesis Suncity",
    "job_title": "Engineer",
  	"disposition": "MEANINGFUL_INTERACTION",
  	"surveys": [
      {"answer": "A", "type": "MultiChoice", "question": "You like A or B?"}, 
      {"answer": "My Text", "type": "Text", "question": "What is your text?"}, 
      {"answer": 32, "type": "Numeric", "question": "Your age?"}
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